16 October 2013


As we all know that I'm going to sit for SPM and need to manage my time productively during holiday is crucial.Somehow the tension is building up.There is only 31 days left for spm. Yeahhh! It 6 November..Oh my god i could see all the fears was written all over my friends face.

''Ya Allah please brighten my heart to gain knowledge.Ya Allah please make me master in this subject cuz I'll teach my friends, and I wanna contribute to ummah.I want to make my parents and my family proud too.Ya Allah, make it easy and do not make it difficult. Ya Allah make it end ... O Allah, give my friends and I the patience and strength we need to carry on'' 

 my batchmate.
 Only Allah know how strong my heart bounding especially when I looked at the days left. I believe with a lot of prayer to Allah and a lot of efforts I put on my shoulder to get good result , I belive someday i will be ready to face it. Smile as it will less your burden, and release all your tiredness InshaAllah.